StarCraft II betting guide for everyone

starcraft 2 betting

StarCraft 2 is the outcome of the game that really hurled the eSports scene, with the related eSports alliance and playoffs system setting the bar for many games to come. It was published and out by gaming hulks Blizzard Entertainment. The game is known for its lengthy single-player campaign, divided into three parts and can be purchased separately, as well as its intense multiplayer mode. 

Each single-player campaign follows the story of one of the StarCraft universe’s three main races. Players took control of the Protoss, an alien species, on a quest to save what was left of the world in the story’s final chapter. Each campaign grants players access to new and innovative technologies and units, which they can then use in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Online StarCraft 2 Betting

No one could have predicted that nearly 20 years later, players would still be playing Blizzard’s original StarCraft title. Despite StarCraft II’s success, there is a prosperous SC1 business, with competitions held repeatedly worldwide. When you factor in the sequel’s success, you have some of the best betting opportunities in any eSport.

Because of the professional scene’s 1v1 format, bets are made on individual players rather than teams, making research into player type, past performance, and other factors simpler.

Betting on StarCraft II is one of the best ways to win with esports games betting, thanks to this booming industry, and getting started has never been easier. Find a StarCraft 2 betting place, register, make your first deposit, and begin winning right away.

Starcraft 2

Types of Bets in StarCraft 2

Although e-Sports betting may seem unusual, it is very similar to conventional sports betting, right down to the types of bets available. The following are the most popular bets:

  • Money-line bets. The most common form of bet, bets on who will win a particular match-up. A wager that Player 1 will defeat Player 2 is an example.
  • Outright bets. Also known as “future market bets,” these bets are based on tournament outcomes rather than individual results. Wagers on who will win the entire tournament, which area the winner will come from, or even which two players will reach the final are all examples of outright bets.
  • Combo bets. Are made up of several individual bets that, if all of them win, will have their odds multiplied together, resulting in a larger overall payout. Two $5 bets on players in the group stage are an example.
  • Special bets. Special bets, as the name implies, concentrate on certain aspects of the game rather than the overall outcome of a match. To be accurate, these bets usually necessitate a deeper understanding of the game. A wager that Player 1 will produce 20 worker units or that Player 2 will use a Roach-based strategy are examples of special bets.
  • In-play bets. Also known as live-bets, are a type of special bet that can only be made during a match. This may be a bet that Player 1 will win a best-of-three match on a specific map or that Player 2 will establish a second base in a specific location on the map.